Fresno Teacher Arrested for Meth — Again

Posted: 22nd December 2011 by Doc in Uncategorized
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As KMJ News was first to report Wednesday, the Fresno kindergarten teacher who was arrested weeks ago for taking methamphetamine into a classroom was arrested again early Wednesday morning for possessing drugs.

Dorothy Ramirez was arrested north of Fresno after authorities pulled over a car she was in with another man.


Her lawyer, Charles Magill, told KMJ News that meth was found in her car. Other reports say it was cocaine.

“She’s facing a drug charge along with an enhancement of being out on bail and getting arrested for a new felony,” told KMJ News.

Magill said he wants to help Ramirez.

“If she is released from jail, it will be my goal to get her into an inpatient (drug) treatment program,” Magill said. “If you’ve been arrested twice, it’s pretty clear there are issues with narcotics.”

Ramirez was arrested weeks ago after, authorities say, she took her purse which contained methamphetamine into her classroom at Easterby Elementary.

At that time, she was arrested along with Joseph Frago, 28, in connection with an armed robbery.

A search warrant reveals that authorities seized two throwing knives, two baggies of marijuana and prescription pills as part of their investigation into Ramirez and Frago.

Easterby Elementary has placed her on leave.—-Agai=1&blockID=576148&feedID=806


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