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A Rockcastle County man who served time for murder is behind bars again. This time police arrested Johnnie Renner for making meth at an apartment complex.

 Police: Convicted Murderer Arrested For Making Methamphetamine

 Police: Convicted Murderer Arrested For Making Meth

The Rockcastle Villa Apartment complex is where Mt. Vernon Police say they discovered the one-step lab.

“It is active and that’s what creates this type of response here,” says Mt. Vernon Assistant Police Chief Barry Adams.

A tip led him and his team to a second floor unit, then the active material mixed in a drink bottle, next to drain clear in a plastic bag on the kitchen counter. It was enough evidence to detain the three people inside – including Renner. Chief Adams confirms the 66-year-old spent at about 25 years in jail for shooting a woman to death. He’s been out now for several years, but now he’s been arrested for making meth. It’s a problem officials know well.

“It appears it may be growing, coming back. Rockcastle County has been famous for pills and methamphetamine in the past,” says Adams.

Renner doesn’t live at the apartment building. Two women do and they let police inside.

“Myself and the police department has teamed up with the sheriff’s department and we’re actively pursuing these tips and the data base checks and as you can see, it’s paying off,” says Adams.

The discovery affected the dozen people who live at the complex and it meant all eight units were evacuated for a few hours while officials dismantled the meth lab – the county’s fifth find in three weeks.

As of now, only one woman was arrested. Laura Howard and Renner face manufacturing meth charges and possibly wanton endangerment charges, too.


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