Comments Off on Meth Lab Found in a Clairemont Canyon After Fire

In a letter published this month in the Clairemont Times,District 6 councilmember Lorie Zapf warned area residents to use caution when enjoying our canyons.

The letter was prompted after a fire was recently extinguished in one of the area’s densely wooded canyons. Zapf said it was as no ordinary fire: investigators said it was caused due to a methamphetamine lab located within a homeless encampment. The site of the camp and fire were only yards from residential properties, but none was reported damaged.

The SDPD reportedly apprehended several individuals suspected of being responsible for the lab, and other campers had outstanding warrants for their arrest. The campsite mentioned in the article was near Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Clairemont Drive. Three tons of waste were reportedly picked up.

Zapf credited the city’s Homeless Outreach Team for its efforts at reversing the upward trend of homeless people in Clairemont.



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