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ST. CHARLES • An investigation into a child abuse  case at a home in St. Charles led police to a large methamphetamine lab set up  in the home’s basement near the children’s play area, with chemicals found in  boxes with the children’s toys and books, police said.
Eric Bill

  • Allen Emery
  • Lucinda Hyde
  • Sean Crews


Six children under the age of seven were living in the home in the 1700 block  of Sunset Drive, according to court documents.

Lucinda Marie Hyde, 33, and her boyfriend, Sean Anthony Crews, 25, were each  charged with attempt to manufacture drugs and endangering the welfare of a  child. Crews’ half-brother, Allen Joseph Emery, 40, and Eric Joseph Bill, 28,  who also live in the house, face the same charges.

Crews faces an additional charge of child abuse for an incident in December,  when he allegedly threw his 6-year-old son over a car seat in the house’s family  room and the boy landed on his shoulder, fracturing his clavicle. Crews  initially denied throwing the boy, but when police spoke to the girlfriend about  the child abuse claim, she told them about the meth lab. The St. Charles County  Regional Drug Task Force served a search warrant at the home on Monday, and  Crews confessed to cooking meth and abusing the boy.

The children – a 7-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl, a 6-year-old boy, two  5-year-old girls, and an 8-month-old girl were all at the house while the meth  was being cooked in the basement. The children were taken into custody by state  family services.

Two “one pot” labs were found in the basement and Emery was about to prepare  another large cook when police arrived, court documents say. A “very large” dumpsite was found in the carport, police wrote.

According to court documents, Emery told police that in exchange for buying  pills and keeping the children “out of Sean’s hair” while Crews cooked meth,  Cooks would play his cell phone bill, buy him groceries and gas, and give him  finished meth to snort. Bill also admitted he would also serve as a lookout for  Crews and would watch the kids so they wouldn’t go downstairs while Crews made  meth. In exchange, he got free rent and finished meth, police said.

Crews told police that he needed extra money and so he thought “being a meth  cook was his best course of action.”

The house has been condemned, and all four suspects were being held in the  St. Charles County Jail, each on a $75,000 cash-only bail.

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