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ANNA, IL (KFVS) –     It’s a continuing problem in Union County where police say people from Missouri are pouring into their communities to buy Psudoephedrine to make meth.

Bobbi Gilbert (Source: Union County Sheriff's Office)

Bobbi Gilbert

Brandon Nance (Source: Union County Sheriff's Office)
Brandon Nance
Allenia Evans (Source: Union County Sheriff's Office)
Allenia Evans

Just yesterday, three more Missouri residents were put behind bars after they allegedly tried to purchase the pills from the Anna Wal-Mart, and take them back to Missouri. Brandon Nance and Allenia Evans of Advance and Bobbi Gilbert of Sikeston now face meth charges.

State’s Attorney Tyler Edmonds says tougher laws in the Show-Me State are pushing people to Illinois for those Psudoephedrine pills that are necessary to make meth.

“I don’t think there’s any question about that,” said Edmonds. “People are driving from as far away as Poplar Bluff over here to buy Psudoephedrine.  Often times when questioned they’ll say they have a cold, but it’s highly suspect when someone’s driving two hours to purchase pills for a cold. Very unrealistic.”

Edmonds says those new laws have apparently bumped up the price of Psudoephedrine pills on the black market in Missouri.

He says in the last six to eight months, local police have arrested more than 20 Missouri residents for buying Psudoephedrine pills from Illinois stores to sell them for high dollar on Missouri streets.



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