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Three people were arrested Wednesday in Boscobel for allegedly operating a  methamphetamine factory with more than a dozen “shake and bake” method bottles  found by police in the residence and in a clothes dryer, authorities  reported.

A cleanup team from eastern Michigan was called to the scene to dispose of  the toxic chemical wastes, according to a news release from the Grant County  Sheriff’s Office.

Arrested were Jacob LaRocque, 25; Christina Robbins, 31; and Jessey Lisney,  23, tentatively charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Additional charges  are pending.

Three others at the residence were questioned and released.

Making methamphetamine the “shake and bake” way involves putting the  household chemicals in a container, usually a plastic soda bottle, sealing it  and shaking it to start the chemical reaction to make the illegal drug,  according to sources.

The method has become popular because it’s quick, but it also can be  extremely dangerous since the bottles have been known to explode and cause  severe burns to the meth maker.

Police found three “shake and bake” one-pot containers in the Boscobel  apartment and 10 containers inside a clothes dryer in a common area of the  apartment building.

A search warrant was executed by the Richland-Iowa-Grant Drug Task Force, the  Grant County Sheriff’s Department, the Boscobel Police Department and the state  Division of Criminal Investigation meth unit. Standing by in case they were  needed were the Boscobel Fire Department and the Boscobel Ambulance Service.



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