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UPDATE 5/18/12 @ 9:00p.m. CHARLESTON, WVa. (WSAZ) — 85 to 90 motel rooms at the Days Inn, located on Route 60 in Huntington, WVa are still shut down, waiting for news on cleanup after a meth bust earlier in the week.

The WV Bureau of Public Health sent a letter to the property owner stating:

The property you own/manage at 5196 US 60, Huntington, WVa was the site of a clandestine drug laboratory search.  The result of the search ended with chemicals being seized wthihc are harmful to humans.

WV State Rule 64 CSR 92 regulates the contaminated sties. In order to comply with this rule and to reoccupy said property, you have (30) days to being the remediation process or to demolish or remove the affected property.

Brandon Lewis, with the Bureau for Public Health says the state has been called in to more than 100 meth labs since January 2012.

“We do not shut them (businesses) down.  That’s where a lot of people get the misconception that we actually go in and shut them down. ” Lewis said,  “They are asked to close down, because you can’t go in voluntarily; you can’t test rooms with people in the rooms.”

To date, Lewis says, the state has never had a business refuse to shut down while being tested.

UPDATE 5/16/12 @ 6 p.m. CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Eighty-five to 90 rooms at the Barboursville Days Inn are closed until further notice — it’s all after police busted what they say was an active meth lab early Wednesday morning.

The meth lab raid sparked an evacuation of one wing at the Days Inn.  Police arrested three at the scene.

They say the room renter — Jeremiah Schuler — called in the tip on his two associates. Those suspects, Derrick Walker and Jennifer Chapman, also were arrested in another motel meth lab raid back in February.

Police say meth labs in hotel rooms have gone from home cooking to a costly and dangerous public health trend.

Donna Gibson says she smelled something funny as she and her grandson Alex were sleeping. She says they were not evacuated, being nine rooms and one floor away from what police say was a working meth lab found in Room 142.

“I’m scared it could have got in my grandson’s lungs,” Gibson said. “Anything like that is going to travel.

Police say if the meth makers have quick outside access, that’s the room they’re usually targeting.

Days Inn is the third area motel with a meth lab bust in the past few months. Police say meth cookers are moving to motel rooms to keep their homes, cars and outbuildings safe from seizure.

Police say prosecutors will attempt to seize the property. People don’t want to lose their property, and the hotels incur the charges.

Caustic, flammable meth-making ingredients were found in the raid at the Day’s Inn.

But one area motel worker told us spotting a meth cook is tough. He says they can’t refuse a room to someone who looks like a meth maker, and people bring chemicals for cleaning or storage in rooms all the time.

Meanwhile, legitimate guests say motel meth madness is not unique to our area.

“We live in Arkansas,” guest Millie Lewis said. “We have meth in Arkansas, and we know how dangerous it can be.”

Of course, it’s dangerous and costly when rooms by the dozens are shut, tested, and cleaned after a one-room motel meth lab bust.

Police say when they find meth labs in homes or outbuildings, they break out all the windows for ventilation. They say they haven’t done that in motels — yet.

UPDATE 5/16/12 @ 9:09 a.m.CABELL COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Three people have been arrested following a meth lab bust at a Cabell County motel.


It happened at the Days Inn on Route 60 about 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

West Virginia State Police and the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department arrested Derrick Walker, 31, of Elkview, Jennifer Chapman, 27, of Seth, and Jeremiah Schuler, 35, of Delbarton. All three are now in the Western Regional Jail awaiting arraignment.

Investigators say they went to the motel after a person who was in the room with three suspects called police.

Inside the room, investigators say they found an active meth lab and the materials used to make meth.

That section of the hotel was evacuated and guests were relocated to other rooms.

ORIGINAL STORY 5/16/12 @ 5:26 a.m.BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Two people are in custody following a meth lab bust at a hotel in Barboursville.


West Virginia State Police and the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department arrested Derrick Walker and Jennifer Chapman at the Days Inn, after a person who was in their room with them called police.

Inside the room, investigators found an active meth lab and the materials used to make meth.

That section of the hotel was evacuated and guests were relocated to other rooms.

Troopers say there wass no danger to anyone at the hotel.

Both Walker and Chapman were also arrested back in February, after a meth lab was found inside the Rustic Motel in Jefferson.


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