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A paranoid schizophrenic man who fatally stabbed his drug-dealing accomplice  had been on a three-day drug binge when the attack occurred, a court has  heard.

Today, Christopher John Elliott appeared via videolink in the WA Supreme  Court, pleading not guilty to the murder of his former friend, Alan Heath, on  November 3, 2010, at a Langford home.

The court heard Mr Elliott, 43, admitted he inflicted a 15 centimetre  puncture wound to the abdomen which killed Mr Heath, 47, but denied intent to  kill.

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It is alleged that on November 3, 2010, Mr Elliott went to Mr Heath’s home on  Nicholson Road about 4.30pm, where he stabbed the victim once on the right side  of the abdomen and spraying him with petrol before fleeing.

The injury perforated Mr Heath’s liver and portal vein, causing him to bleed  to death.

The court heard that prior to the attack, Mr Elliott and Mr Heath had been  good friends, living together on Mr Heath’s property and dealing drugs  together.

However, Mr Elliott, who suffers from long-term paranoid schizophrenia, had  allegedly become upset Mr Heath was charging him for morphine tablets, whilst  not making another customer pay.

In the days leading up to the attack, Mr Elliott had been kicked out of Mr  Heath’s home, and had reportedly told a number of people he intended to “stab  the dog”.

According to witness Chantal Renee Martin, an associate and customer of both  men, Mr Elliott had been “erratic, always angry and really upset” at the way  he’d been treated by Mr Heath.

She said Mr Elliott “took a lot of drugs on a regular basis”, including  methamphetamine, morphine and marijuana, and in the three days before Mr Heath  was killed his drug use had increased, causing him to become “very  paranoid”.

She said he always carried a knife in his track pants and slept with a bottle  of petrol beside his bed.

According to Ms Martin, on the morning on the stabbing Mr Elliott had become  upset after being mocked by her son and brother for being a “loser”. She said he  stormed from the house saying: “I’m going to show you how much I know about  life”.

Ms Martin’s mother later received a text message from Mr Elliott stating: “I  stabbed the dog”.

The trial before Justice Ralph Simmonds continues.




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