ST. LOUIS • Twenty-one residents of Jefferson and  Franklin counties have been indicted on a federal indictment accusing them of  running a methamphetamine manufacturing and dealing network, the U.S. Attorney’s  office said Thursday.

The men and women were indicted May 16 but the indictment was sealed until a  series of arrests began Wednesday by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the  Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit and Kirkwood and Pacific City police.  Each faces at least one charge of pseudoephedrine possession and a meth  conspiracy-related charge.

Prosecutors said that nine Pacific residents were arrested: Amy N. Bueker,  25, Tammy L. Busch, 41, Miranda J. Everhart, 21, Dale M. Harris, 44, Douglas E.  Hughes, 29, Ethan M. Lepinski, 47, Eric E. Lyerla, 37, William L. McKinney, 21,  and Elaine M. Scroggs, 23.

Four Villa Ridge residents were arrested: Andrea R. Dowling, 28, Shelly M.  Peterman, 42, Michael S. Pich, 32, and Jason S. Sparks, 32.

Two were arrested from Arnold: Angela J. Holley, 33, and Aaron A. Lyerla,  33.

Two were arrested from Labadie: Ann L. Matchell, 47, and Sarah A. Matchell,  23.

The rest were: Larry R. Collier, 40, of St. Clair; Jerry A. Hendrickson, 27,  of Franklin County; Michelle A. Sizemore, 37, of Fenton; and Jerry M. Walling,  48, of Catawissa;

Jim Shroba, acting head of the DEA’s St. Louis office, said “The arrest of  these individuals signals our Agency’s continuing commitment to eliminate the  manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine, a problem which plagues many of  our rural counties and poses a serious health risk to both the individual user  as well as our environment,” in a prepared statement.

In a statement, Sgt. Jason Grellner of the Franklin County Narcotics Unit  said, “The charges alleged in this case highlights the continuing problem of  clandestine laboratories in Missouri.”



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