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TWO sisters who allegedly ran a child prostitution ring in western Sydney employed homeless girls, providing them with food, accommodation and addictive drugs before selling them for sex, a court has been told.

One of the girls, a 12 year old given the pseudonym Maddison by NSW police, was living in a refuge before meeting the two sisters, according to police documents tendered yesterday in Campbelltown Local Court.

The sisters, Adrienne and Tahlia Garner, invited Maddison to live with them in Liverpool before prostituting her to three different men on successive nights, police allege.

The sisters allegedly took what money the girls were paid — sometimes as little as $1 — to fund their own use of methamphetamine, known as ice.

Another girl, 13-year-old Sue, was told, “If you stay here you’ll have to do what Tahlia’s doing.”

This was a direction to the victim Sue that she would have to work as a prostitute to pay her way, the documents allege.

Sue, who was a virgin at the time, initially refused, before Adrienne Garner allegedly said a man was in the unit “to see you”.

“It’s not even that bad. He’s already here — you’ll get money,” Ms Garner allegedly said.

On other occasions, the sisters delivered at least five girls to their alleged clients’ homes, motels or cars, in an operation police say dates back to 2008.

Adrienne Garner, a 22-year-old mother of three, also boasted of her connection to motorcycle gangs in order to intimidate the girls, the documents allege.

On at least one occasion, police allege, Adrienne’s children — aged four, three and one — were with her in the unit when one alleged client visited for sex with another of the girls, Brianna, aged 16.

Both Garner sisters appeared in Campbelltown Local Court yesterday, charged with a series of offences related to sexual assault and child prostitution.

In refusing bail, magistrate Robert Rabbidge said he had grave concerns the sisters might commit further crimes against children.

“The (police statement of) facts are distressing, degrading and totally appalling,” he said.

“The foremost duty of a society is to protect its children.”

The Garners’ lawyer, Michael Blair, said his clients “absolutely deny the charges against them”.

The prosecution case relied on evidence from young girls who were alleged drug users themselves, he said.

Three alleged clients, men in their 50s, also appeared in court yesterday, charged with offences relating to sexual assault and child prostitution. All were refused bail. The case returns to court on July 18.



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