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DENVER – Officials say three more people have been indicted on charges of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

In addition, a recent raid connected to the investigation recovered 54 fire arms and 9,000 rounds of ammunition.

The indictment is connected to a year-long investigation that has resulted in charges against more than a dozen people, with about half being prosecuted federally and the rest being prosecuted in state court.

The defendants have been described as having alleged gang ties.

The new indictments are against Andrew Aldridge of Denver, Robert Blankenship of Lakewood and an unnamed fugitive.

The defendants could face up to life in prison and fines of $10 million.

Those charged either in federal or state court include:

Gregory DEWITT, age 36, Lakewood, CO

Alexandra WHITE, age 24, Lakewood, CO

Toby SOLANO, age 23, Denver, CO

Carlos CEPEDA, age 21, Denver, CO

Daniel LUJAN, age 29, Denver, CO

Shaun GUTIERREZ, age 27, Denver, CO

Roger LUJAN, age 28, Denver, CO

Bobby MINGO, age 51, Denver, CO

Larry YBARRA, age 20, Denver, CO

Conard KERN, age 26, Denver, CO

David ANDERSON, age 24, Denver, CO

Lyndon MOSSMAN, age 24, Denver, CO

Abel VILLALPANDO, age 25, Denver, CO

Robert BLANKENSHIP, age 47, Englewood, CO

Andrew ALDRIDGE, age 31, Denver, CO

Plus one additional fugitive


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