Mount Shasta, Calif. — Over the weekend, Mt. Shasta area California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers seized approximately 30 pounds of methamphetamine, 2 ounces of cocaine, heroin and 50 ecstasy pills as well as a handgun during two routine traffic stops, a CHP press release stated.

Simone Muro, 21; Sedale Threets, 23; and two other individuals – whose names are being withheld pending further investigation – were apprehended.


Simone Muro, left, and Sedale Threets


According to the release, both traffic stops occurred on northbound Interstate 5 south of State Route 89.

On Saturday, a motorist and one passenger were apprehended when officers made a traffic stop and reportedly seized 30 pounds of methamphetamine.

According to the release, on Sunday, the CHP performed another routine traffic stop at the same location.

Muro and Threets, both of Medford, Ore., were allegedly in possession of approximately 2 ounces of cocaine, heroin and 50 ecstasy pills. Threets was reportedly in possession of a firearm.

Muro and Threets were charged with felony counts of possession of a controlled substance for sale and transportation of a controlled substance.
Threets faces additional felony charges for possession of a controlled substance while armed, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
Threets and Muro are being held in the Siskiyou County Jail without bail.

The Siskiyou County-Wide Interagency Narcotics Task Force has taken over the investigation of both incidents, the release stated.



  1. art threets says:

    If only i hadnt stolen from people, liened their vehicles and been a backstabber, my poor little sedale wouldnt of been caught. Why make the boy pay for my mistakes? Because thats karma.