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HOMOSASSA  — A couple and a third person were arrested and a home methamphetamine lab was taken down, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies on Monday arrested Julie Kriwox, 42, and Bruce Kriwox, 39, of Homosassa and Brian J. Lawton, 29, of Crystal River on numerous charges related to manufacturing, trafficking and possession of methamphetamine.

According to an arrest report, deputies had the Homosassa home of Julie and Bruce Kriwox under surveillance because they had received information the couple was manufacturing meth.

Deputies approached the home at 7298 Otter St. after spotting a riding lawnmower and a trailer on the property they suspected had been stolen from Crystal River, the report said.

While investigating, deputies found burning garbage with materials related to the manufacture of meth, including lithium battery casings, burnt ephedrine blister packages and one-pot methamphetamine cooks.

Deputies detained the trio and obtained a search warrant. HazMat was also called to the scene to take air samples and to ventilate the home, according to the report. The air sample test detected positive results for ammonia, another ingredient in the manufacture of meth.

According to the report, when investigators walked into the kitchen, they found tools and ingredients used to make meth. Those included a bowl containing guts of lithium batteries, Drano, funnels, a jug of acid, two bottles of liquid heat and a glass jar containing more than 30 grams of meth oil.

Deputies also found three cook pots in the oven, scales, razor blades and ephedrine.


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