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The 28-year-old man accused of ambushing and fatally shooting his mother and wounding his father Wednesday was a methamphetamine user whose growing paranoia made him think his parents were trying to poison him, according to Jeffrey Wilson’s arrest report released Thursday.

Wilson faces charges in the slaying of 58-year-old Kathryn Wilson and the shooting of William Wilson, 61.

The shooting happened about 4:45 a.m. outside a home at 3077 Greendale St., near Vegas Valley Drive and Lamb Boulevard.

According to the report, the couple were in their 2004 Lexus preparing to go to the airport. Kathryn Wilson died in the passenger seat. Her husband was found on the ground with several gunshot wounds, conscious and alert.

William Wilson told police he did not see the attacker but had argued with his son about two hours before the shooting. He told investigators his son might have been responsible for his wife’s death.

“Jeffrey could have been the person who shot him and his wife,” the report said. “William said he was taking his wife to the airport to her father who was ill.”

Jeffrey Wilson’s girlfriend, Bobbie Bellomy, who had two children with Wilson, told police about his drug use and his recent irrational behavior.

“Jeffrey expressed the thought that his parents were trying to poison him,” the report said she told police.

The report also said a witness looking out of her house after the shooting saw a man by the passenger side of the Lexus. Based on the man’s body size and how he was dressed, the neighbor thought the shooter was Jeffrey Wilson.

Investigators found several .40-caliber Smith & Wesson shell casings and one 9 mm cartridge on the driveway.

Police also discovered that a surveillance camera in a pickup in the Wilson’s driveway had been tampered with. Wires had been cut, and the camera’s lens was broken.

Police found Wilson and Bellomy at the Arizona Charlie’s on Boulder Highway.

Investigators took him to police headquarters for an interview. He asked for a lawyer.

He told detectives that he had not gotten into a fight with his parents a few days ago. He said he was at Arizona Charlie’s when the shooting occurred.

When a detective told Wilson his mom had been killed and his father had been wounded, Wilson responded with a series of expletives and not much emotion, the report said.

“This is unreal, bro,” he told the detective. Police then told Wilson his attorney was not responding. Wilson asked police to speed up the interview so he could be with his family.

That is when he was arrested. When police interviewed Bellomy, she gave investigators a time frame for Wilson’s whereabouts early Wednesday morning.

She told detectives that Wilson left for an hour at 1 a.m. He left again at  4:09 a.m. and didn’t return until 4:50 a.m. When she asked Wilson why he had taken so long, he said his van broke down.

On Wednesday afternoon, police searched through Wilson’s storage units at 4375 E. Sahara Ave. In one unit, police found several 9 mm and .40-caliber cartridges. They also discovered a security camera that appeared to have cables pulled from it.

Wilson is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center on recommended charges of murder with a deadly weapon and attempted murder with a deadly weapon. His next court date is scheduled for today



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