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SHAWNEE, Okla. — Another person was arrested Thursday in connection with a meth raid that began a day earlier in Shawnee, bringing the total to 38 persons arrested so far, and police also have seized a total of $112,221 in drug money.

A list of arrestees booked into the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center also has been released.

Pottawatomie County District Attorney Richard Smothermon said residual operations from the major meth raids that began Wednesday are continuing. “We are actively looking for the ones we have warrants for as well as pursing other leads that came up during the execution of the operation,” Smothermon said.

Wednesday, in a show of tremendous force and teamwork, more than 125 law enforcement officers from local and state agencies met in Shawnee and set out in groups of 10 to serve 15 search warrants and with 40 arrest warrants for specific targets in hand.

At the end of the day, 37 people had been arrested in connection with the operations, with some of those being persons that may not have had original warrants but became part of the operation as events unfolded.

The search warrants executed so far in this case have resulted in four pounds of methamphetamine being seized, along with vehicles, more than a dozen firearms, and the cash.

Smothermon, who said they’ll apply to get those funds through the forfeiture process, said a great portion of it will help them recoup the costs associated with this operation, which was a five-month-long undercover probe. “This was a pretty extensive operation that included overtime and surveillance,” Smothermon said, adding whatever forfeited funds are left following payment of expenses will be split “equitably” between some of the agencies involved in this case.

Raids were timed Wednesday so teams could serve warrants simultaneously at scattered locations, most of them in the Pottawatomie and Lincoln County area.

Arrests occurred without incident as 10 officers were assigned to a team to ensure both manpower and safety.

“It went as smooth as an operation like this could possibly go, which is a testament to the planning and execution by officers,” Smothermon said. As part of that planning, the large group met for briefing, using a flow-cart type board and list with mug photos to help them identify their targets. The drug investigation involved at least six pounds of methamphetamine being brought to the Shawnee and Tecumseh areas each week.

Smothermon, who said a pound of meth would normally net about 900 doses of the drug, said the drugs in this case were uncut and therefore one pound becomes three, meaning each pound of meth had about 2,700 doses.

All of the arrested suspects were arrested and taken to a staging area set up within a command post at Gordon Cooper Technology Center, where a large makeshift book-in area was created as detention officers from the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Centerprocessed each prisoner and took an inventory of their belongings. From there, suspects were transferred to the jail on various compalints related to the methamphetamine case.

Two of Shawnee’s top targets in custody were Linda Ellis, 48, Shawnee, and Steven Faulkner, 53, of Tecumseh, Smothermon said, as they were allegedly taking about $30,000 to Oklahoma City every other day to purchase two pounds of uncut methamphetamine product. Both are jailed on complaints of trafficking in illegal drugs and unlawful telephone solicitation, but neither has been formally charged.

A list of all persons booked into the jail over the 24-hour period for which the raids occurred was released by the jail Thursday, and those arrested on drug-related complaints and reportedly connected to the case are listed below.

Formal charges also have not been filed against any of the persons arrested, but Smothermon’s office will be reviewing each case.

• Arrested on the same two complaints of trafficking in illegal drugs and unlawful telephone solicitation were: Denise F. Barrett, 52, Shawnee; Kathryn A. Boyd, 47, Shawnee; Cheryl A. Burks, 51, Shawnee; Bobbie J. Campbell, 55, Shawnee; Jimmy Childers, 38, Tecumseh; Steven B. Coker, 48, Tecumseh; David K. Dethrow, 48, Shawnee; Jessica L. Ellis, 37, no town listed; Garth D. Nixon, 52, Shawnee; Rick A. Rounds, 52, Shawnee; Brenda K. Sisson, 48, Meeker; Eugene T. Smith,  52, Shawnee; Cathleen C. Wigley, 48, no town listed; and Stefanie L. Winlock, 39, no address listed.

Other arrrests with complaints listed were:

•  Juan C. Rangel, 34, Oklahoma City, conspiracy and unlawful telephone solicitation; Edgar F. Sanchez-Ganez, 33, Oklahoma City, trafficking in illegal drugs.

• Tamila G. Barnes, 47, Shawnee, possession of drug paraphernalia; Amanda J. Campbell, 32, Earlsboro, warrants for cases including possession of controlled substance; Ralph Chambers, 45, Shawnee, possession of controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm while committing a felony; Timothy T. Clark, 29, Noble, conspiracy and unlawful telephone solicitation; Tyler  K. Dethrow, 19, Shawnee, possession of controlled substance and drug proceeds; Albert A. Dockrey, 51, McLoud, conspiracy and unlawful telephone solicitation.

• Kelly M. Horse, 45, Shawnee, possession of controlled substance and drug paraphernalia; Kamila A. Luman, 51, Shawnee, unlawful telephone solicitation and possession with intent to distribute; Dallas G. Odle, 34, Shawnee, conspiracy and unlawful telephone solicitation; Tara D. Potter, 37, possession of controlled substance; Brian N. Sanders, 40, no address, unlawful possession of paraphernalia and possession of controlled substance.



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