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Boonville — July 4 saw the discovery of an alleged methamphetamine laboratory  near the Randolph and Howard County lines. Jacob Strain, 32, of Bunceton, was arrested and charged with a Class B Felony. The individual had prior convictions and was on parole, according to Missouri

Jacob Strain, 32, of Bunceton, was arrested on July 4 and charged with a Class B Felony. He is suspected of being involved with the manufacture of methamphetamine

After receiving a dispatch from Moberly 911, Howard County Sheriff Deputies responded to County Road 251, where the alleged incident took place.

Ronnie Byar, a local landowner who placed the call, had dealt with recent theft activity on his property, according to Howard County Sheriff, Charlie Polson.

“Byar had been having problems with theft and suspicious activity on his property. He encountered a silver vehicle. A warning shot was fired by Byar and the vehicle took off,” said Sheriff Polson.

After the 911 call was placed by Byar, the Sheriff’s Department responded to the area. Initially, according to Polson, Byar thought a round may have struck Strain.

Upon arriving at the scene, Deputies discovered an abandoned building of sorts on Byar’s property – which appeared to be a production facility for the manufacture of methamphetamine, according to Sheriff Polson.

Boonville, though drugs are present in the city, rarely sees lab activity within the city limits, according to Chief of Police Bobby Welliver.

“In the old process where they used to make meth, they were almost never inside of the city because of the smell – it was usually done out in the rural areas,” he said.

Methamphetamine is still a problem, though, insists Chief Welliver.

“Now, unfortunately, we’re seeing what’s called shake and bake labs from time to time. This is where ingredients are placed in a 2-liter bottle or other container, and can be shaken together to produce methamphetamine,” said the Chief.

Methamphetamine effects, in users, can produce euphoria and hyper-manic behaviors. After days of use, due to the chemical effects on an individual’s brain conjoined with severe sleep-depravity, psychosis often onsets. Auditory and visual hallucinations are common, according to the website



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