Two charged in Hawkins Co. meth bust

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Two people are charged with manufacturing meth after a narcotics investigation led Hawkins Co. officials to seven meth labs.

It happened at 2100 Isaac Avenue in Church Hill, Tennessee.

Travis Lynn Harvey, 32, and Amber Nichole Anderson, 30, are charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine (Felony Amount), Maintaining a Dwelling Where Narcotics are Housed or Sold and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Hawkins County Sheriffs Narcotics Unit discovered seven “one pot” meth labs in the couple’s home after conducting surveillance on the home.

During the surveillance operation officers observed Harvey leave his home while committing a seat belt violation. Officers conducted a traffic stop after encountering a strong ether like smell coming from the vehicle. That smell is consistent with meth manufacturing. Officers used previous undisclosed evidence they already obtained on Harvey to apply for a search warrant of the vehicle and Harvey’s residence.

Officers also detained Harvey’s live-in girlfriend, Anderson.

Upon searching the home officers recovered duffel bags full of methamphetamine manufacturing equipment, assorted mixed chemicals as well as seven “one pot” meth labs.

Narcotics officers also recovered felony amount of finished methamphetamine from the home. The Tennessee Methamphetamine and Prescription Diversion Taskforce was called to the scene to assist in the clean-up of all hazardous materials. The home was quarantined. Narcotics officers were on the scene for nearly ten hours conducing the investigation and cleaning up all hazardous chemical waste.

Both Anderson and Harvey both are in custody at the Hawkins County Jail under a $20,000 bond. Both are awaiting July 30th court dates.


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