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<a href=”;tile=10;wnsz=10;sz=160×600;ord=8675309″ target=”_blank”><img src=”;tile=10;wnsz=10;sz=160×600;ord=8675309″ width=”180″ height=”60″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>For the past decade or so the charges have piled up against William Keith Marcum. “His name is synonymous with dealing in methamphetamine,” says Lt. Rodney Van Zant with the Laurel Co. Sheriff’s Office.

And on Tuesday, he was arrested again.


His mug shots over the years are different, but police say one thing has stayed the same. Marcum is constantly getting in trouble for either cooking or selling meth.

“You arrest someone three or four times, they go through the process, and they turn right back out, we’re here to arrest them again if we have to,” said Van Zant.

William Keith Marcum’s criminal record dates all the way back to the 1990’s. He’s faced charges on drug trafficking, assault, even kidnapping. Each time he’s either served his time, charges are dismissed,  or somehow he’s released from jail.

Police say his most recent conviction was just last year. Yet he was clearly out of jail Tuesday when he and another woman were arrested at a home on Ky. 3094.

“There’s laws to penalize these people. Somehow they keep slipping through the cracks. I think it’s a bigger problem than what is put out there,” said Van Zant.

Police say often times criminals have a hard time finding a new way of life once they’ve been locked up for awhile.

“They get out, their friends find out they are out, they want to talk to them again, and they find themselves right back in the same boat again,” said Van Zant.

Marcum is also facing similar charges in other counties..and police say the woman arrested with him was found making meth near a child.

A call into the prosecutor’s office for more information on Marcum’s case history was not immediately returned Wednesday.



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