Hickory woman busted for making meth

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LENOIR, N.C. – When a Department of Transportation employee found a trash bag stuffed with methamphetamine-making supplies along the side of Playmore Beash Road in Lenoir, they called in the professionals.


Donna Smith

Donna Smith


Caldwell County Sheriff’s Inter-county Counterdrug Enforcement squad, better known as the ICE unit, was called in to handle the case.

They discovered that a plastic 2-liter bottle in the trash bag had been used to cook meth. Additional meth-making supplies were also found in the bag – including a receipt that showed where the meth’s key ingredient, ephedrine, had been purchased.

During their investigation, they traced the bag to Donna Sue Smith, 49, of 39 17th Street, SE, Hickory. She’d purchased the chemicals a couple days before.

Thursday they went to the apartment along with Hickory police narcotics officers and arrested Smith. She was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and methamphetamine precursor chemicals.

Additional arrests and charges are expected.

Smith’s first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.







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