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The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday released the names of 28 people nabbed during a weekend dragnet that targeted suspects involved in the drug trade. In all, authorities obtained arrest warrants for 75 suspects, more than half of whom remained at large Tuesday.

The countywide sweep spearheaded by the sheriff’s Crime Task Force was the fifth such operation in three years. “We want to get the drug dealers to understand we don’t tolerate this type of activity in our community,” Sheriff Jud Smith said.

Although Sunday’s round-up resulted in the arrests of people primarily involved with drugs, others were picked up for probation violations and other felonies, according to Smith.

Deputies were assisted by state probation and parole officers, Auburn, Winder and Statham police officers, officials with the district attorney’s office and agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“This was a very detailed operation that didn’t just happen overnight,” Smith said. “It was the culmination of almost a year’s worth of work.”

During the investigation, undercover officers bought drugs from dozens of people over the course of about eight months, Smith said.

Rounding up dozens of suspects on a single day has a big psychological impact on both drug dealers and the community, according to the sheriff.

Hitting multiple locations simultaneously also lessens the chance that word will spread on the street that authorities are cracking down on drugs, Smith said.

“When you make arrests, phones start ringing and people start scattering,” the sheriff said.

Large-scale operations conducted over a period of time also have a snowball effect, according to Smith, who said undercover drug buys help investigators to identity additional suspects.

“This was not our biggest operation, because we’ve arrested some 50 to 70 people before, but every one makes a big impact when word gets out we don’t tolerate this activity,” the sheriff said.

The people arrested Sunday, and their charges, are:

Roger Dwayne Anglin, 53, Statham, sale of controlled substances; Annette Barnes, 60, Bethlehem, sale of marijuana; Casie Barrett, 25, sale of Oxycodone; Marco Bravo, 27, Winder, criminal attempt to commit a felony and family violence; Brandi N. Campbell, 26, Bethlehem, sale of methamphetamine; Rebecca Brook Cassidy, 19, Hoschton, sale of marijuana; Ronald Justin Duke, 22, Bethlehem, sale of Oxycodone; Mikecell Duncan, 35, Winder, parole violation; Matthew Scott Fletcher, 24, Auburn, sale of methamphetamine; Jacob Ivan Forrester, 19, Auburn, sale of marijuana; Ross Eugene Hilmo, 22, Auburn, sale of methamphetamine; Bobby Joe Kuykendall, 33, Auburn, sale of Hydrocodone and Alprazolam; Felice Marie Kuykendall, 27, Auburn, sale of controlled substances; Sandra Lynn Loggins, 45, Auburn, sale of methamphetamine; Brandon Cody Metcalf, 20, of Homer, probation violation; Christopher R. McDaniel, 22, Statham, sale of marijuana and sale of cocaine; Timmy Nash, 40, Winder, sale of methamphetamine; David Allen Obryant, 40, Auburn, sale of a controlled substance and probation violation; Amy Lynn Powell, 41, Winder, sale of amphetamine and sale of Alprazolam; Jordan Louis Rande, 25, Winder, sale of a controlled substance; Michael Redding, 29, Auburn, sale of Hydrocodone and sale of marijuana; Michael Phillip Ruse, 22, Winder, sale of marijuana; Clayton R. Savage, 19, Winder, sale of marijuana, sale of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana; Brandi Skinner, 28, Winder, sale of methamphetamine; Kylie Skinner, 31, Winder, sale of methamphetamine; Narquitta Street, 46, Bethlehem, party to the crime of neglect and exploitation of disabled adults and probation violation; Travis Lavell Wheeler, 29, Winder, sale of a controlled substance, and Kenneth Saxon Williams, 20, Winder, possession of marijuana.



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