DEA makes another big meth bust

Posted: 15th August 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized
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SALT LAKE CITY — The Drug Enforcement Administration in Utah is continuing its recent streak of big methamphetamine busts.

The DEA announced Tuesday that on Aug. 7, about 22 pounds of meth linked to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel was seized locally. One man, Humberto Cuadras-Alvarez, was arrested for investigation of federal drug charges.

The bust was part of a two month investigation that also led to the seizure of 500 pounds of marijuana and $20,000 cash in Los Angeles and the arrests of three additional people.

In May, DEA agents seized 57 pounds of meth from a vehicle, with a retail value of $4 million to $6 million, making it one of the largest methamphetamine busts in Utah ever.

That bust, officials said, capped off a year-long investigation into the Sinaloa Cartel.

In February, the DEA announced two actions completed simultaneously: seizing 25 pounds of meth from a vehicle on I-15 and a “significant stash” of marijuana and weapons, including assault rifles, from a home in a gated community in Emigration Canyon.



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