Stateline Meth Influx

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Methamphetamine has never been much of a problem in Winnebago County, until now.

Meth has been a problem across the Midwest, but recent meth lab busts in Rockford may signal a new trend in our own backyard.

“Different parts of the country, different parts of Illinois have seen major increases in the use of methamphetamine. We haven’t seen the influx that other areas have, but now recently we’ve had at least four different locations from which we’ve seized methamphetamine,” said Dominic Iasparro, a member of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.

The most recent seizure occurred Monday afternoon at the corner of Lapey and Brooke roads in Rockford. Some neighbors say they were not at all surprised.

“You can just tell from the look of the people that were living here, you know, that they had something going on. Just the way they were always acting, the way they were always outside screaming and arguing. You know, everyone around here pretty much knows them for, you know, being them type of people,” said neighbor Caleb Dawson.

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department is concerned the drug has shown up in the area, primarily because of how dangerous it is.

“From a physical standpoint, from a psychological standpoint, but also it’s a very dangerous drug when it’s being manufactured. Not only for the people that are in the house, but also from the standpoint of a potential fire or explosions that can take place in these homes,” says Iasparro.

In that respect, the Stateline has been lucky. Deputy Chief Iasparro says no meth labs have caused fires in recent years.

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s department says it has no good explanation for why these meth labs are springing up now, although, it says it is something they are definitely keeping an eye on.

Police say meth production gives off a pungent odor similar to nail polish. If you suspect someone is making meth in your neighborhood, contact the police.



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