Meth lab house gutted by fire

Posted: 24th August 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized
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There were certainly some signs that drew suspicion from neighbours about a house at 4871 Larkspur Ave. which was destroyed by fire Wednesday night.   Inside the house, firefighters who responded to the blaze around 6 p.m. found 30 containers of acetone, a chemical precursor found in methamphetamine drug labs.

 According to one neighbour, the house on at least two occasions hosted loud and “crazy” parties that drew dozens of teens to the house in June.  “There were lots of young girls, very crazy,” the neighbour said.  The witness, who has young children, was surprised to learn the house contained a drug lab.  “That’s really terrible, terrible.”

 Another neighbour said she saw flames coming from the back of the house as she pulled up to her home and followed a fire truck, but before police arrived.  The house was frequented by “sketchy” people and cars, she said.

 Another neighbour said the house was put on the market earlier this year, and the young family who had been living there were tenants who vacated when the house sold.

 The house is in the midst of a quiety, family neighbourhood, and another neighbour expressed his surprise that volatile chemicals were found in the house, possibly for the purposes of cooking methamphetamine.

 “It definitely surprises me,” the neighbour said. “I don’t know much about methamphetamine, but yes I would be concerned that it’s got that explosive.”

 This drug lab is not far from where another meth lab was found, at 6251 Gibbons Dr., near James Thompson elementary school, in July of last year.



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