Suspected meth lab discovered

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ABERDEEN, Ohio | Guests and personnel of Brown’s Motel in Aberdeen were evacuated shortly before 7 a.m., Friday, after a suspected methamphetamine lab was discovered in one of the rooms.

“Aberdeen Police Department was notified of a disturbance that lead to the discovery,” said APD Sgt. Shawn Newman.

Meth bust


Newman along with APD Officers Paul Herrera and Rich Shofstall responded to the motel, along with Newman’s drug dog, he said.

After gaining permission to enter room 17, police discovered what is believed to be an illegal drug manufacturing lab, marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Newman said.

“We also found what is believed to be a final product of the lab,” Newman said.

Brown County Sheriff was requested to assist at the scene and the investigation was turned over to Brown County Chief Deputy John Schadle.

“They are equipped and have the resources to handle the clean up,” Newman said.

While some of the 10-12 displaced guests remained in the vicinity, none wanted to discuss the inconvenience of the situation.

The sidewalk along the south side of U.S. 52 near the motel was closed for several hours, forcing pedestrians to cross the highway to continue walking.

Along the sidewalk, a BCSO member suited up in breathing apparatus and head-to-toe suit coverage before entering the room again to retrieve items for police.

Aberdeen Mayor Harry Foxworthy also arrived to survey the scene.

“We are glad to have Brown County Sheriff’s Office here to help with this,” Foxworthy said.

One guest couple requested to have their vehicle moved to a location outside the police crime tape. After getting approval from officials, it was moved for them and they left.

According to police, 18 rooms are in the vicinity of the incident. Room 17 is in the inner loop of the horseshoe-shaped courtyard of the motel.

Two occupants of room 17 were detained and subjected to decontamination procedures at the request of police.

Another woman, who had given the permission to let police into the room had to be taken to Meadowview Regional Medical Center for treatment of more exposure to the chemicals, police said.

Schadle declined to comment on the case or identify the man and woman who were decontaminated, stating information may be released on Saturday.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration website, “…the cost of cleaning up methamphetamine labs has dropped dramatically, due to improved technology and support from the DEA. DEA estimates that the average direct cost to clean up a lab several years ago was about $17,000, but is now $2,000 to $3,000 per lab.”

The DEA estimates costs of a cleanup may also include, “… ancillary costs … property damage, reduced property value, salaries and overtime for law enforcement and medical personnel, medical costs for suspects or innocent bystanders (including children) injured or poisoned from the lab, and criminal justice costs associated with arrest and prosecution.”

Brown’s Motel Manager Diana Case declined to discuss the situation “at this time.”


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