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BOZEMAN– A Billings man is behind bars after he was stopped for speeding along Interstate 90 and reportedly found to have hidden meth in his underwear.

Matthew Morledge, 30, was stopped by a Montana Highway Patrol officer on Monday for speeding through a construction zone on Interstate 90 near mile marker 313 eastbound in Gallatin County. When the officer stopped Morledge, he saw that the Cadillac’s glove box door had fresh white powder spilled on it, which Morledge claimed was a weightlifting supplement, court documents state.

When Morledge got out of the vehicle and was asked to raise his shirt, the officer reports he saw a plastic bag sticking out of Morledge’s shorts.

“Morledge claimed to have worked in Billings that day, traveled to Bozeman to have sex with his girlfriend whom he only knew by her first name and did not know her address,” court documents state.

Morledge was found to have 11.1 grams of meth in a plastic bag in his underwear and $7,758 in cash, according to court papers. Morledge claimed he had the money because he was conducting business with a person in the T-shirt business in Bozeman, but did not know where he lived or have a phone number for the person, court documents state.

Morledge was arrested for felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He was found to be on federal probation for possession of explosives as well as methamphetamine possession with intent to distribute.



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