Large Meth Operation Busted In Sioux Falls

Posted: 31st August 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized
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Sioux Falls drug enforcement agents seized what appears to be a rather large methamphetamine making operation at a home on South Cleveland Avenue on Thursday. Police say they seized 33 one pots of meth along with the finished product and numerous items of drug paraphernalia. Police say “a substantial amount” of chemicals and items used to make meth were discovered in the home.

Police arrested Chad Anderson who lives in the house. He is charged with possession and manufacturing a controlled substance. KDLT News was on the scene as agents were dismantling the lab equipment Thursday evening. Police say more arrests are expected.

Neighbors told KDLT’s Jeff Rusack that the people living in the home were quiet, but they noticed a lot of young people coming and going from the house.

The one-pot method means meth is made in one sealed container that is generally flipped upside-down or tipped to cause a reaction needed to turn several ingredients into methamphetamine. Plastic soda bottles and everyday items are often used in the process.

Agencies involved in dismantling the methamphetamine lab are the Sioux Falls Police Department, Minnehaha County S.O., South Dakota D.C.I., and the D.E.A. Sioux Falls Fire/Rescue and Rural/Metro Ambulance assisted law enforcement in support roles.


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