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Brookline — Police are investigating the possibility that a Brookline man was running a methamphetamine lab out of the basement of his Beacon Street apartment building.

Travis Sellers Albano, 29, of 1064 Beacon St., Brookline, was arrested last week after police reportedly found evidence that he was growing mushrooms and possibly cooking methamphetamine in his basement apartment.




A spokesman for the Brookline police said officials are still waiting for lab results on evidence they took from the apartment, so they can’t say at the moment whether or not Albano was in fact cooking meth.

“I couldn’t rule that out, because they’re investigating the other chemicals,” said officer Ronnie McNeil. “They were growing mushrooms.”

Officers searched Albano’s apartment last week as part of an ongoing drug investigation at his building. During the search, officers reportedly discovered several bags of what they believe to be methamphetamine, a scale, and several pills, along with evidence he was growing illegal mushrooms.

They also found materials possibly related to manufacturing methamphetamine and called in officials from the State Police and the Drug Enforcement Agency to investigate that possibility. According to police reports, officers were so concerned about the materials in the apartment that they called in the Fire Department and left everything inside in case it was too dangerous to remove. The materials were eventually removed with the help of the outside agencies.

Albano reportedly asked for a lawyer during the search and wouldn’t help police determine how dangerous the materials were.

The day before the search, officers arrested another man near the apartment in connection with their drug case. Officers said they saw Tomi Uyehara, 26, of 1 Appian Way, Allston, enter the apartment and hang out with Albano as he snorted some type of substance off a desk. They arrested Uyehara nearby after he left the apartment. Officers reportedly found a small amount of heroin in Uyehara’s possession.

Brookline’s police chief didn’t immediately return a call for comment.


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