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Newbern Police have arrested a suspect after they allegedly found numerous items used in the production of meth on North Grayson St. on Thursday.

Jody Floyd, 41, 1901 Ross St., Dyersburg, Tenn., is charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture, failure to appear, and violation of probation.


Newbern Police Sgt. Rob Harrison (right) shows Chief Harold Dunivant (left) the components of meth lab activity found at 116 North Grayson St. in Newbern. Harrison gathered the components together to document the evidence and then properly dispose of them. A 41-year-old Dyersburg man was charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and taken into custody

Floyd’s arrest took place at 116 North Grayson St. after Newbern Police investigators received information from an informant that Floyd was possibly cooking methamphetamine. Investigators arrived at the residence around 5:56 a.m. and found evidence of alleged meth lab activity, along with a discarded meth lab that was no longer active.

Floyd and a 29-year-old white female were taken in for questioning and he was ultimately charged. Investigators Rodney Wright and Greg Barr called on Newbern Police Sgt. Rob Harrison to collect the evidence and dispose of the components to prevent further contamination of the area.




This is the fourth incident involving a meth lab in Newbern within a year’s time.

Newbern Police Chief Harold Dunivant stated his department is taking a proactive approach to illegal drugsin order to provide a safer community for the residents.

“This administration has been, and remains vigilant in the fight against illegal drugs in the community,” said Dunivant.

Wright and Barr noted the department will duly investigate any claims about illegal drugs in the community and ask for the public to keep watch and join in the fight.

Floyd appeared in Newbern City Court on Monday, Sept. 17., and was given a $15,000 bond. He remains in jail and his next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 24.


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