Monk arrested for selling yaba (Meth)

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ANG THONG – Police have arrested a monk on a charge of selling methamphetamine to teenagers, reports said.

The monk, Yutthachai Wancha-em, 28, was apprehended with 193 methamphetamine tablets, or yaba. and one gram of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) in his possession, police said.

Police said the suspect admitted that he had served five years in jail for selling drugs and was released in 2007.

He entered the monkhood about one and half months ago.

The monk told police that he bought the drugs from a man named Jibyoo from Ayutthaya, who delivers them to him in front of the temple every week. He then sells them to teenagers in the area.

Police said they received an anonymous tip that the monk was selling drugs, so they raided his quarters at the temple.

The suspect was expelled from the monkhood following his arrest.


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