Dale A. Lenze, 53, and Kyle W. Green, 24, were indicted by a St. Charles grand jury Sept. 14 on first-degree arson, making methamphetamine and charges.

Lenze also was indicted on a meth possession charge.

Dale Lenze, 53, was indicted on first-degree arson and drug charges. Drug Task Force detectives said a meth lab in his barn exploded, severely burning a woman and setting fire to the building

Kyle A. Green, 24, was indicted on first-degree arson and a drug charge after detectives said a meth lab exploded, severely burning a woman and setting fire to a barn


St. Charles County Drug Task Force detectives said a meth lab exploded in Lenze’s barn Sept. 3 in the 2400 block of Branch Lane in St. Charles County southwest of Wentzville. A woman’s legs and feet were severely burned and the barn caught fire.

Lenze told detectives he saw the fire in the upper portion of the barn and heard the woman “screaming in agonizing pain.”

He also told detectives he allowed Green and the woman stay in living quarters and make meth in the barn in exchange for a portion of finished meth.

St. Charles County detectives said Lenze and Green knew the dangers presented by making meth.

Lenze and Green both are being held at St. Charles County jail in lieu of $75,000 bonds.







  1. Jade says:

    This was a big load of balogne.. This man Dale was a great loving and caring father. He always put us kids before anything. He has been in trouble with this crap before so when the barn caught fire by a lit cigarette and paint fumes, they jumped all over his back. However he was just recently busted for actually doing that stuff. Its a total of four times now hes been in trouble and all over stupid meth. Hes gonna.be gone fora while. Meth really does ruin your life and it also messes up the life of your loved ones. This whole thing teaches me how horrible this drug really is.

    • Dale says:

      Jade – thank u for ur kind words n understanding – i love u with all of my heart – u know the truth all to well – in u i see hope for all things – thank you-i love you-in u my life has had meaning