Pregnant Woman Stabbed At “Meth Camp”

Posted: 28th September 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized

SUMMERDALE, Alabama — Police in Summerdale discovered a “meth camp” hidden down a dirt road deep in the back woods while responding to a stabbing call.

Chief Eddie Ingram says a meth camp is a place where crystal meth addicts go to get high, drink and cook the dangerous drug.

High On Meth

Police in Summerdale say a woman high on crystal meth stabbed a pregnant woman in the back


News 5 went to the meth camp- it was a collection of rundown campers and trailers without working electricity or plumbing. The bath and kitchen sink are outside…the occupants share a water hose to bathe.

On Wednesday, police say a woman high on meth stabbed a pregnant woman in the spine at the meth camp- and refused to surrender when they arrived.

Officers tell News 5 Mariena Blevins threatened to kill them and say tasers and pepper spray wouldn’t stop the woman from approaching them.

Two officers were finally able to subdue Blevins…she’s charged with assault, resisting arrest and drug possession.