Hunters warned of stray meth labs

Posted: 10th October 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized
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With hunting season in full swing across northeast Indiana, state police are asking hunters to be wary of trash in woods or fields that may be connected to the production of methamphetamines.


 Meth cooks are prone to toss out trash containing chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, flammable or acidic, police said.


 These chemicals can cause an explosion, fire or burns if they come into direct contact with the skin.

 State police suggested the following items that could be related to methamphetamine production:

 •A popular container for some methamphetamine users is a 1 1/2 -gallon gas can. These cans can appear new and have been found along the roadside by people who had no idea they picked up a working meth lab.

 •Battery casings, plastic zip-lock bags, empty blister packs and plastic pop bottles or jars – some of which may have a tube extending from them – could be meth-related trash.

 •Cylinders found in odd places – like the middle of a field, ditch line or wooded area – could also be related to methamphetamines. Be aware of ones with modified valves. These are used to store or transport anhydrous ammonia, an ingredient of methamphetamines.

 •Be aware of backpacks and nylon or plastic bags found in odd places. These bags can contain hazardous chemicals and will often be hidden by meth cooks.



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