South Valley Meth House Demolished

Posted: 18th October 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized
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A heavy machine’s claw hacked through a South Valley house that once served as a methamphetamine lab, the demolition signaling a new resolve to clean up the neighborhood.

A private contractor under county direction was busy Tuesday morning destroying the home and doing a major cleanup of the property in the 2100 block of Metzgar SW, southwest of Gun Club and Isleta.

“We definitely want to clean up Bernalillo County,” said Nano Chavez, director of Building, Planning and Zoning for the county.

The property was deemed a public nuisance after zoning officials and county sheriff’s officers found evidence of a meth lab, the open storage of auto parts and inoperative vehicles, trash, junk and animal waste there.

“But when we do enforce the zoning ordinances to remediate a zoning regulation violation, there’s a whole process we have to go through,” Chavez said.

“We really want to work with people, and some people may need additional time, but as long as they are showing effort, the last thing we want to do is take someone to court,” she said.

Tuesday’s demolition and cleanup was authorized by a court order after the owner of the property, who didn’t live there, cooperated and worked closely with the county.

“Fortunately in this situation,” Chavez said, “she was willing to work with us.”

“The good news is that we will no longer have a public nuisance building there any longer,” Chavez said.

Chavez and County Commission Chairman Art De La Cruz were at the scene, directing the effort.

“Bernalillo County is committed to enforcing common-sense zoning regulations to protect our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life,” De La Cruz said in a news release.

The cost of the demolition and cleanup was estimated at about $14,400. The county placed a lien against the building until it is reimbursed by the property owner for the costs.


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