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FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Blame it on the full moon, or maybe Halloween. Or simply on drug runners who didn’t realize if they get stopped for speeding, officers will likely find the drugs hidden in their vehicle.

For a second time on Halloween, a routine traffic stop resulted in a drug bust and arrest for transporting an illegal substance. This one was in Fayette County, while the other was in Wiliamson County.

Fayette County Sheriff Keith Korenek reported that K-9 unit Deputy Randy Thumann stopped a Ford pickup truck traveling eastbound on Interstate Highway 10 for traffic violations on Wednesday.

Meth oil

Containers of meth oil found in a diesel tank in a pickup truck stopped on Interstate Highway 10


Crystal on deputy's pants

Crystal on deputy’s pants tested to be methamphetamine


Ford pickup

Ford pickup alleged to be hauling meth oil in a diesel tank


The driver and passenger of the vehicle were en route to Houston from Mexico. They each gave conflicting stories as to their business in Houston, according to FCSO.

The deputy got consent from the driver to search the vehicle, and it was moved to the Weimar Police Department in order to be put up on a lift and examined.

The investigation took a unique turn as fluid in one of the fuel diesel tanks was suspicious, according to WPD, but could not be identified. Officials released the vehicle and driver, who got back on the road.

As Thumann returned to the sheriff’s office, he saw that some of the suspicious fluid had contacted his pant leg and it had begun to crystallize. The substance was field-tested and was positive for methamphetamine — which pinpointed the suspicious liquid in the detained truck’s diesel tank to be “meth oil.”

The traveling vehicle with the two men inside was located by the Texas Department of Public Safety and stopped.

Law enforcement officers arrested and charged Madrigal of McAllen, 33, and Jazmin Trujillo, 23, of Hidalgo, with possession of a controlled substance. They were taken to the Waller County Jail where Drug Enforcement Association officials filed charges against them.

Meth oil is the second-to-last process in the making of crystal methamphetamine, according to FCSO. After it evaporates, the crystal drug product is what remains.





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