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Hillsdale resident Robert Francis Recob was arrested on Sept. 8 on suspicion of the possession and production of methamphetamine. He now awaits trial. His preliminary hearing was Monday, Oct. 22.

On Sept. 7, Hillsdale police arrested jailed Recob after his wife accused him of domestic violence. He spent the night in jail but was released the next day on a “No Contact” bond. Yet after his release from jail, Recob returned to his house to retrieve his belongings. As part of the bond condition, police accompanied Recob that morning to prevent another incident. As Recob was packing, his wife arrived home. She then informed the police about the presence meth on the property.

“She was mad at him, so she told police where the meth was,” said Neal Brady, Hillsdale’s senior county prosecutor of 16 years.

Recob’s wife proceeded to lead the police to the meth dump hidden deep in the woods behind their house. Police discovered meth residue and production equipment stashed in plastic bags. Authorities arrested Recob on the spot and took him to jail where he will reside until his hearing.

This past Monday prosecuting and defending attorneys met for pretrial hearings, but Recob was notably absent. Recob has been charged with the possession, maintenance, and production of methamphetamine. These charges are not his first offense. In 2004, Recob was charged with marijuana use.

“The mere fact that marijuana is a drug offense could be used to enhance his penalty in this trial,” Brady said.

In the trial Brady will use the evidence discovered in plastic bags to make his case. In response to these charges, the defense will argue that Recob is not guilty because, according to Recob, his wife is allegedly responsible for buying the pills.

According to Brady, cases like this are not uncommon in Hillsdale. Each year the prosecutor sees roughly two dozen cases involving methamphetamine, and he said Recob’s case is no different.

“I expect, if he is convicted, he will go to prison,” Brady said. “But I don’t know for how long.”

Recob’s trial is set for January 24.


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