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LUCEDALE, Mississippi — David K. Cameron, 20, of Wes Havard road in Lucedale, was arrested Sunday night on charges of DUI, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphenalia and careless driving after a traffic stop, according to a news release from the George County’s Sheriff’s Office.


David Cameron


Sheriff Dean Howell said about 9:50 Sunday night that deputy David Ray, while on routine patrol, spotted Cameron driving at a high rate of speed near Dickerson Sawmill Road. As the deputy pursued Cameron, he saw him backing the silver BMW down a darkened roadway leading to a gate to a property.

The deputy then cornered the driver and made contact with the man who identified himself as Cameron. According to the deputy, Cameron appeared very nervous and excited and tried several times to convince the deputy to let him go.

With a consent to search the vehicle being given, Ray proceeded to search the car but upon opening the passenger door, Cameron revoked his consent.

Cameron attempted to get behind the steering wheel saying he was leaving. Ray then ordered Cameron to exit the vehicle where he was placed in cuffs for officer safety. Backup was called along with K9 Deputy Adam Reus and his partner Bak. As the handler took Bak around the outside of the car, probable cause was established and the vehicle was searched again.

Cameron denied the vehicle had anything in it which would be deemed illegal. Deputies then proceeded to find several syringes, several clear baggies with what appeared to be a white crystalline substance and another with what appeared to be “ice.” A small amount of cash along with digital scales was also recovered.

Cameron was arrested, taken to George County Regional Jail and later bonded out.




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