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NORTH CAROLINA — On Wednesday two 17-year-old Catawba County teenage girls pleaded guilty for their role in a Hickory cab driver’s slaying.

Prosecutors said the teenagers were part of plan hatched by a group of young people to rob the driver and use the money to buy ingredients for methamphetamine.

Prosecutors said the two girls did not alert authorities or anyone else.

Wearing T-shirts with a picture of Adam Williams on them, family members fought back tears as they listened to prosecutors describe what Emily Starnes and Consandra Tyree did the night of his death.

“They could have done something. They could have helped my brother. They could have called the police. They could have done anything but no they took my niece and nephew’s daddy away from them,” said Stephanie Patrick, the victim’s sister.

Police said the girls, who were just 16 when Williams was stabbed to death, didn’t kill him but were in the parking lot where it happened. Prosecutors said Tyree provided the cellphone to call for the cab and Starnes helped move the getaway car for the men who committed the killing.

“They should never have been out. They are not old enough to know what they are doing, much less to be running around with 20-year-old men,” said the victim’s mother, Bridgett Patrick.

Williams’s two children were in the courtroom where the girls pleaded guilty to four felonies, including armed robbery and obstruction of justice for lying to police. The girls did apologize in letters written to William’s family members— apologies they were not willing to accept.

“Do they get forgiveness for their dad being gone? No, they don’t. They don’t. They have to live without having a dad ever again,” said Stephanie Patrick.



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