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Five people were charged Tuesday morning after a three-month investigation into a methamphetamine laboratory operating out of a home in Bath, Colonial Regional police said.

When police raided the home around 9:30 a.m., investigators found an upstairs bedroom with open windows and exhaust fans whirring, despite the chilly outside temperature.

Inside the bedroom of the home at 127 Old Forge Drive, police said they found two forms of meth – crystal rocks and meth oil, according to court records.


Colonial Regional police charged Melissa Bailey and four others after a meth lab bust Tuesday


Agents also found protective gear for handling chemicals, including a suit, gloves and respirator. Police said they also found a variety of chemicals to make meth, including drain cleaner and empty boxes of cold medicine.

Police said four people have been charged and a fifth is still at large. Jamie Lynn Kinghorn, 36, who police said lived in the bedroom where the laboratory was found, was not under arrest as of Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say Kinghorn and Alan Woodson, 36, both of whom lived at the home, acted as meth “cooks,” combining the ingredients to make meth. Both are charged with operating a meth lab, possession of chemicals used to make meth, manufacturing meth, possession of a controlled substance and causing or risking a catastrophe.

Police have also charged three others with purchasing pseudoephedrine, a nasal decongestant that is used as a key ingredient to make meth.

Melissa Bailey, 36, and Francesco Ditaranto III, 24, who police said also lived at the Old Forge Drive home, and Thomas Mauro, 33, of Philadelphia, are all charged with criminal conspiracy to operate a meth lab, possession of chemicals used to make meth, manufacturing meth and causing or risking a catastrophe.

Bailey and Ditaranto also provided the space for the meth lab, police say.

Bailey, Ditaranto and Mauro are all in Northampton County Prison under $50,000 bail each.

Police said Woodson was in custody on an outstanding warrant and his bail was not immediately available.




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