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ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – A 40-year-old grandfather is facing drug and child abuse charges in southeast New Mexico and police say it’s because of what investigators found in his 1-year-old grandson’s hair.

Detectives said lab test results confirmed that the toddler had methamphetamine in his system, after police found what appears to be a family drug operation in Roswell.

Francisco Madrid, 40, is now in custody on drug and child abuse charges, more than two months after a drug investigation led police to his home in the 300 block of Turkey Track Street in Roswell.

Narcotics agents searched the house in August, and found several people and a 1-year-old inside.

“It was very dirty, very cluttered, not a suitable home or place for a one-year-old to be,” explained Sabrina Morales, Public Information Liaison for the Roswell Police Department.

Police said they also found drug paraphernalia in the home.

The Children Youth and Families Department was called and took the 1-year-old and his 17-year-old mother in custody. According to police, they also tested hair follicles on the toddler after hearing what the young mom told police.

“The mother did admit that sometimes other adults would smoke around the child, and sometimes she would take that child outside so it wouldn’t be around the smoke,” said Morales.

In September, lab results came back, and showed the toddler tested positive for meth. Although, police said it’s unclear exactly how the child consumed the drug.

“I don’t know how much was in the air, or if the child was actually possibly came into contact with it while crawling around on the floor, or anything like that,” said Morales. “I’m not sure how it was fully ingested into the system.”

The mom also told police she would sell meth sometimes to “buy diapers and milk for her son,” and that drug transactions would occur at her father, Francisco Madrid’s home, where she said she stays three to four times a week.

The young mother also told police her son’s father was deported for selling drugs.

In the initial search, Madrid admitted to police he used meth, but it wasn’t until after lab results came in that police were able to charge him with two counts of felony-level child abuse.

Madrid was found Friday and arrested.

“Both of them are young to be dealing with any types of drugs, it is a disturbing matter,” said Morales.

Police said any trace of meth in a child’s system is dangerous, but that it’s unclear exactly how it has affected this little boy medically.

Online medical data shows the amount of meth found in the child’s system is consistent with someone who would use meth on a daily basis.

CYFD officials were not available for comment. According to police, the child’s mom was also taken into CYFD custody. Police said the investigation is ongoing, and that the child’s mom could face charges too.




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