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A traffic stop on Interstate 5 in Fresno County, CA by the California Highway Patrol brought attention to a new trend in drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States on Monday.

CHP spokesman Matt Radke stated that the officer who conducted the stop noticed the occupants of the vehicle “acting nervously” prompting the use of a drug detection K9 to conduct a search of the car. The search yielded 15 bottles of Mexican-brand tequila bottles that were in fact filled with 56 pounds of liquid methamphetamine.

According the CHP, Mexican drug cartels have recently been manufacturing drugs in liquid form and effectively disguising them as liquor. Once bottled, the cartels then ship the drugs into the United States and Canada where they are refined into their final form of powder to be sold on the street.

It is estimated that the amount of liquid methamphetamine seized in this incident has a value of over $500,000.

Rene Diaz, 22, and Veronica Carrasco, 38, both of Oregon are charged with federal drug trafficking and attempting to traffic across state lines. They are currently being held at a Fresno County jail.




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