One of three suspects in a large federal drug case, which allegedly smuggled methamphetamine to Guam hidden in a box of teddy bears, has confessed to her crimes in a plea agreement.

Monica Leasiolagi has offered to plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute more than 500 grams of methamphetamine, or “ice,” according to District Court of Guam documents.

Her co-defendants, Martha Burgos and John Michael Pangelinan, haven’t signed any plea agreements and are still facing trial.

In the plea agreement, Leasiolagi admits that she was one of the conspirators who hatched a plan to smuggle ice to Guam hidden in mail parcels. The conspiracy began in August, and lasted less than two months before a mail parcel was intercepted by federal authorities, the plea agreement states.

Authorities found the drugs hidden in a parcel with three stuffed bears, and the plea agreement notes that Burgos had previously alerted Leasiolagi she was having some “teddy bears” sent to Guam.

After the package was intercepted, federal authorities replaced the ice with fake drugs and tracked the parcel to Leasiolagi, which led to the arrest of the alleged conspirators, according to the plea agreement.



  1. Martha Burgos says:

    Big mistake with a well Lifes Lesson learned.