Jailed methamphetamine dealer lost drugs

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A methamphetamine addict’s drug deals were so chaotic drugs were lost and amounts owing were not kept track of, a judge has been told.

In Wellington District Court today Geoffrey John Hooper was sentenced to three years three months’ jail.

Hooper, 43 and unemployed, now realised he was getting too old to lead the kind of life he had been for more than two decades, his lawyer Christopher Stevenson said.

Hooper was an addict who was involved in dealing to ensure his own drug supply, not to make a profit.

Mr Stevenson described the day-to-day organisation as “chaotic” and “pretty shambolic”.

Hooper was among a group caught in a police operation targeting methamphetamine dealing in the Wellington region in March and April this year.

Mr Stevenson said communications the police intercepted showed that several times drugs were lost and the amounts owed were unknown.

Hooper pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply methamphetamine as well as supplying the drug and offering to supply it.

Judge Bruce Davidson said Hooper had sold 3.8g of methamphetamine in six sales worth up to $4500 and offered to sell another 1.05g, contained in seven offers, worth up to $1260.

Hooper had also played an important role in assisting one of the central figures in the group the police had targeted, the judge said.

At the time he was on parole from a three year sentence imposed in 2010 for similar offending, the judge.







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