Mom made teen hold meth during police stop

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PHOENIX (CBS5) – A woman made her 16-year-old daughter hold an ounce of methamphetamine during a police traffic stop in the Valley on Wednesday, officers said.

Nereyda Campana, 33, was pulled over for a violation in the 13,000 block of Interstate 17.

(Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) Nereyda Campana

Campana said she had her teenage daughter hold the meth for her during the stop, according to officers. Campana admitted to buying the methamphetamine on Tuesday for $300 for personal use, law enforcement officials said.

Officers said they found $1,114 in cash in the vehicle. The daughter said she had been in the vehicle in the past when her mom delivered drugs, according to officers.

Campana was found to be driving on a suspended license.

She was booked into jail on one count of a dangerous drug for sale, one count of transporting drugs and one count of child abuse.






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