Rolling Meth Lab Busted in Routine Traffic Stop

Posted: 10th December 2012 by Doc in Uncategorized
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Anna Marie Forrester of 4402 Ridge Road and Tana Lynn Waldrop of 185 Driver’s Creek Road, Millport, Ala., were in a silver Ford Taurus and failed to halt at a stop sign on the corner of Warpath Road and Lehmberg Road and were pulled over by Columbus Police Officer Tabertha Hardin. After pulling into the health department parking lot, a search of the vehicle revealed a “shake and bake” style methamphetamine lab and various drug paraphernalia and precursors. Columbus/Lowndes Metro Narcotic Agents were called to the scene to process the lab. The Columbus Fire Department Hazmat team were also present.

Both women were arrested and charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Forrester was also charged with Expired License Tag and Disobeying Traffic Control Device.



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