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A Bethlehem police officer was taken to the hospital this week after responding to a resident’s discovery of two bottles used in the production of methamphetamine, police said today.

City police warned residents to avoid any more of the bottles if they are found.


These “gassing generators” were found on the city’s west side, Bethlehem police report.

The bottles found Monday night in an alley between 13th and 15th avenues in West Bethlehem are known as “gassing generators,” police Chief Jason Schiffer said.

The bottles are used to combine chemicals such as sulfuric acid drain cleaner and salt to create hydrogen chloride gas, which is then used to make methamphetamine crystals.

The bottles will still hold liquid and a grayish-white sludge, police said.

If touched or disturbed, a chemical reaction may restart and dangerous vapors could be released, according to a posting on the police department’s blog, Depending on the concentration inhaled, it could be fatal, police said.

Bethlehem police officer Dale Host responded to the call Monday night and was exposed to a chemical vapor that escaped from a bottle that was moved, Schiffer said. Host was treated and released, the chief said.

“If you discover any items similar to this, do not attempt to touch or move the bottles,” the blog states. “The acid contained in the generators can cause burns to the skin and the gas produced can burn the nasal passages, throat, lungs and cause severe respiratory problems.”

Police ask anyone who finds a suspected “gassing generator” bottle to leave it where it is, try to prevent anyone else from getting near it and call police at 911 or 610-865-7187.



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