6 indicted from last month’s Loxa meth bust

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MATTOON — A federal grand jury this week returned indictments against six people arrested last month for allegedly working together to make methamphetamine at a residence in Loxa.

The indictments charge Tena M. Logan and Paul D. “Bear” Logan with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute based on allegations that Tena Logan headed a plan to have ingredients for the drug delivered to the married couple’s home at 6790 Stockton Road in Loxa.

The Logans and the other four suspects will also face charges of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine for allegedly making and planning to distribute the drug, starting as early as January 2010. Court documents in their cases indicate that the plan might have started three years before that.

The other suspects are Fred A. Leonard, Robert Jeffrey Leonard, Tammy E. Britt and Floyd W. Curtner Jr., all of Mattoon.

The Mattoon-based East Central Illinois Task Force drug investigation unit announced the suspects’ arrest on Dec. 12 and said they followed an investigation the ECITF conducted along with the FBI Safe Streets Task Force.

On Friday, ECITF Commander Tom Houser said the investigation is still taking place and additional arrests are possible.

The U.S. District Court grand jury returned the indictments Wednesday. Each of the suspects were scheduled for arraignment during hearings set for Jan. 18.

Court documents indicate that police observed several people bring methamphetamine ingredients to the Logans’ residence.

They describe a plan that called for purchases of medicine with pseudoephedrine that were spread out to try to avoid suspicion of methamphetamine activity.

Pseudoephedrine is a main ingredient in methamphetamine production and laws that limit and track its sales are designed to prevent the drug’s manufacture and to identify suspects.

The records include a complaint that ECITF officers drafted and that U.S. Magistrate David Bernthal considered last month to order the suspects detained.

In the orders, Bernthal said evidence indicated that the Logans operated a “substantial methamphetamine lab” at their residence. He said Tena Logan appeared to be the “ringleader” and Paul Logan was “of particular concern” because of an earlier conviction for a methamphetamine offense.

Bernthal also said it appeared that Britt is “accused of recruiting other people” to the conspiracy and the other suspects had criminal records. Fred Leonard was on probation from an earlier methamphetamine conviction at the time of his alleged involvement in the conspiracy, he said.

The complaint says one of the sources that worked with police admitted buying pseudoephedrine several times from 2007 to 2010 that was supplied to Tena Logan, who is identified throughout the document as the person who manufactured the methamphetamine.

Between June 6 and Dec. 1, there were 60 separate occasions in which police observed one of the named suspects or others buy pseudoephedrine and deliver it to the Logans’ residence within one hour, according to the complaint. There were 18 other times that pseudoephedrine was taken to the residence within one day of its purchase, it says.







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