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Members of a Boy Scout troop in Wilkes County found a methamphetamine (meth) lab site near W. Kerr Scott Reservoir on Saturday, said Lt. Craig Dancy, head of the narcotics unit of the Wilkes Sheriff’s Department.

It was the 14th meth lab found in Wilkes so far in 2013.

Dancy said items found included 2-liter plastic bottles containing crusty remains of a substance left from when they were used to make meth, probably about a month ago.

He said Det. Danny Jennings, a sheriff’s department narcotics officer, went to the scene and gathered evidence when the discovery was reported. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rangers also responded.

One of the troop’s adult leaders said the troop was going through a pre-established compass course in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Keowee Park, following compass bearings from one point to another, when two older Scouts came upon a place where a campfire had been built.

They reported what they had found to their adult leaders and authorities were called.

The adult leader said there were two or three partially melted 2-liter bottles, a skillet and part of a grill and cinderblocks at the campsite. He said caps of the 2-liter bottles were screwed on but had holes in them.



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