Couple arrested for manufacturing meth AGAIN

Posted: 1st February 2013 by Doc in Uncategorized
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A couple arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine about a year ago has been arrested again on the same charge in Darlington County.

The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit has been conducting an investigation into the manufacture of methamphetamine by Joe Eddins, 43, and Cheryl Melton, 47, both of Hartsville.

They were arrested in February 2012 for Manufacturing Methamphetamine at a different location in Hartsville.

In an undercover operation, officials obtained a search warrant on January 30.

As a result of this search warrant, a clandestine methamphetamine lab was located and dismantled.

Eddins and Melton were charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Manufacturing Methamphetamine Within Proximity of a School and were booked into the Darlington County Detention Center.



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