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The scariest thing about Orange County’s Stanley Carl Jared is not that he has accumulated at least four felony strikes, including spousal abuse, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon.

Or, that Jared is a convicted methamphetamine addict.
Stanley Carl Jared child molester oc 5.jpg
Or, that he’s a convicted, remorseless pedophile and transient living close to Disneyland.
Or, even that he can’t find a Supercuts.
Here’s what’s most frightening about this 6-foot, 335-pound specimen:

Jared, 49, is a grandfather and, though he’s already molested a young family member and remains a “medium/high risk” to molest again, wants to spend time playing with his six-year-old granddaughter.

County officials didn’t immediately reject Jared’s demand, but they refused to allow access until he completed a new sex offender program.
He declined the deal–claiming he was too poor to pay for the treatment, and later attended a session before the therapist threw him out for denying his lengthy criminal history.
County officials then offered Jared a second way to see his granddaughter: pass a polygraph focused on his sexual desire for children. He agreed but, according to court records, failed every question. Toddlers titillate him.
It was this man who decided on his own in 2008 that he didn’t need to comply with his lifetime sex offender registration requirements because he says he’s become “a productive member of society.”
How productive?
Coordination between on-the-ball police officers in Fullerton and Anaheim located him living in an apartment, where he was arrested for failing to register as a child molester at the location and possessing a syringe loaded with methamphetamine.
Stanley Jared mug ocw.jpg
Doesn’t understand the meaning of lifetime sex offender registration
Orange County Judge Vickie Hix revoked Jared’s probation and sentenced him to a term of two years and eight months of incarceration.
Jared appealed, claiming Hix had abused her power and should have given him another round of probation.
Upshot: On January 30, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana backed Hix by ruling that Jared’s steadfast refusal to accept any responsibility for his past crimes makes him “not a suitable candidate” for probation.

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