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CLEVELAND — Three children in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood are the latest to be caught up in a meth lab bust.

Cleveland Police Bomb Squad members suited up from head to toe to avoid the contamination these young children were exposed to just hours earlier.

“Trash up to the knee, kids running around without clothes, diapers, needles, just basically not a good environment to live in right now,” said Rhaseem Carter, with Thompson Moving Company.

The landlord at a house in the 1800 block of Willowdale hired Carter and others to move out the evicted tenants. Housing court bailiffs were assisting with the eviction Wednesday morning.

“We had to break in the house to get in there… They changed the locks,” said Carter.

What they saw made them call police right away: the makings of a meth lab. Cleveland cops removed drain cleaner and camping fuel, filling the lawn with the toxic ingredients of methamphetamine found inside.

“You walk in there, you probably don’t even want to go in there, the smell, the odor, the visual, everything,” he said.

Cleveland Police officers evacuated the house, arresting Ryan Stetzy, 35, and Candice Stetzy, 26, for child endangering and violating the state drug law. The Department of Family and Children Services says their children, ages 1, 2 and 4, were released to their grandmother.

“That’s very sad. I never knew it was in this community. I never knew,” said Robert, who lives nearby.

“It’s crazy. I couldn’t even believe it, in my own street. It’s a peaceful street too,” said John Smith, a neighbor.

The secret labs pose an immediate danger to kids – the risk of explosion, the deadly fumes and neglect, from adults typically too high to pay attention. This is the fourth bust, involving children, in Northeast Ohio this week.

“I don’t want to put anybody out that has kids, but I’d rather them be in a foster home or something where I know I can provide for them, instead of them living in here,” said Carter.

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